Trade & Structured Trade

Securing the financing of import and exports is essential for multinationals operating in Latin America. Those operations involve a number of risks such as commercial or cross border risk but also operational and liquidity risks. On top of this, corporates will have to choose and retain reliable banks and financial institutions capable of delivering highly efficient end to end execution platforms at the best possible terms. Each country is different and requires a specific look . Cost savings and efficiency gains are clearly achievable and Latina Finance can bring true added value in that respect.

Another area of focus for us is advising importers/exporters of large capital goods in the context of straight sales or turnkey projects. Latin American countries are eligible to a number of subsidized financing for the import of goods and services. Export credit agencies, European DFIs, Multilateral agencies or banks (CAF, IDB, EIB , IFC) are very active on the continent and can help importers to optimize their capital expenditure profile. At Latina Finance we have a strong expertise working with European ECAs (Buyers/Suppliers credits) and DFIs and we are also familiar with the MLAs co-financing and guarantee schemes such as Trade Financing programs, A& B Loans or Guaranteed loans.