Jorge BARNFATHER Born in 1952. With a CPA degree obtained in the University of Buenos Aires, he developed an international career as an auditor in Price Waterhouse & Co, where he worked for ten years in different countries (Argentina, Bolivia and Spain). Back in Buenos Aires, he joined the internal audit group of Citibank N.A. covering the SARP Division (South Andes and River Plate), which included responsabilities for Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. In 1989 he joins the Cash Management Unit in such institution, where he specializes in this discipline, and finally becomes VP, and Cash Management Head, with business responsabilities over Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Throughout his long Cash Management career. he participated in practically all the Cash Management developments in Argentina, both through his participation in several committees of the Banking Association, and his performance in the board and as President of Interbanking S.A, , the most important Net Settlement clearinghouse for High Value transactions in Argentina. Active and important involvement in the design and development of the National Payment System in Argentina, and the creation of a wide variety of Cash Management products and services for corporations. Involved in the development and implementation of local and regional Cash Management solutions in some of the most important firms in Argentina (Telefonica, Ford, Exxon, Procte & Gamble, Volkswagen, Danone, Edenor, Petrobras, etc).